Anti Fragile Ideas

About Carl Jung’s “Psychology of the Unconscious: a study of the transformations and symbolisms of the libido” – 

Having demonstrated to his own satisfaction that the libido (the energy of the unconscious) transcends sex, Jung sets about showing the reader how it is so. Never denying Freud’s crucial insights into sexual history and fantasies, he goes beyond them to tell a story prefiguring mythicists like Joseph Campbell’s. The libido becomes a hero, escaping from confinement, having multifarious adventures in the world, but always returning to the source of its power–the unconscious–in dreams and imagination. This powerful, elastic theory is still in use today, and Jung’s Psychology of the Unconscious deservedly takes its place among those books that have most greatly influenced the way we think about ourselves. –Rob Lightner 

This in terms of evolutionary epistemology from Ernst Mayr – “I have heard there’s a field called evolutionary epistemology. They use a very simple Darwinian formula that can really be stated in a single sentence. If you have a lot of variation, more than you can cope with, only the most successful will remain. That is how things happen. In epistemology and countless other fields. Variation and elimination.”


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